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Business ethics Placement Area explore, the IIM-Bangalore way

The city of Bangalore is situated on the Deccan Plateau covering the south-eastern part of Karnataka, as per the surveys, Bangalore holds the third rank in population across the country

In 2009, Bangalore was listed as a “Beta World City” in the Global cities along with some other major cities like Dallas, Miami, Botson, Kuwait, Lima, and Munich. The study was performed by the Globalization and World Cities Group and Netword in 2008.

Bangalore has a steamy savanna climate with different wet and dry seasons. Due to its high elevation, Bangalore usually enjoys a more moderate climate throughout the year, although occasional heat waves can make things very uncomfortable in the summer. The coolest month is January with an average low temperature of 15.1 C and the hottest month is April with an average high temperature of 33.6 C.The heaviest rainfalls recorded in a 24-hour period is 179 millimeters recorded on 1 October 1997.

Bangalore is also known for having the most well-recognized colleges and institutions in India. A mixture of Public sectors, industries, software companies, BPOs, Aero space, telecommunications and defence organization can easily be found here in the city. The city of Bangalore is also famous for being the leading IT exporter in the country and so it is also known as the Silicon Valley of India.

Bangalore, also called Bangaluru is the capital of the state Karnataka. Bangalore is city which has been named the Garden City. Once upon a time it was also known as pensioner's paradise.

The economy of Bangalore is around US$11.63 billion and the same tags it as one of the major economical city in India. The total exports from the city becomes around US$9.6 billion. Bangalore is the country’s fourth largest FMCG (fastest moving consumer goods) and also the fastest growing major metropolis in the country as the economic growth here is 10.3%. The capital income of Bangalore is $1658.54.

The headquarter of India’s second largest IT company, Infosys is situated in Bangalore. Some public sector organization like Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), NAL (National Aerospace Laboratories), HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited), BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited) and some other company’s headquarters are located in Bangalore. The headquarter of the ISRO was established in Bangalore in June 1972.

Bangalore is the third most populous city in the country with around 5.8 million in 2001. The residents of the city are known as Bangaloreans. The Majority of the population there in Bangalore is Hindu, same as the national average. The Muslims make the 13.4% of the total population.

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